Winter Times

We had snow last week! 🙂

Where I live, people can be really weird about the snow. If there is a chance of snow, people rush to the store to get milk and bread.

So, on Monday, last week, they had the day off of school because of MLK day, and on Tuesday they had it off from school because of the threat of getting snow on Wednesday, and they were off the rest of the week because of snow.

Did I mention it only snowed two inches, or so? Yeah. I told you people are scared of the snow.

Well, since I literally live at my school building (I’m homeschooled) My mom still made me do school. 🙂 I expected it.

For the public schools, though, the school wasn’t only canceled the EXAMS were canceled as well. Not just postponed, but CANCELED. Is it really necessary for me to say I still had to do my tests? I tried to talk my mom out of it, but it didn’t work… Haha!

But, even with still doing school, I had time to go out and play in the snow. It was nice! Well… I could’ve skipped the making a snow angel where a dog pooped, but other then that…. At least it was frozen…

I used to go sledding with out neighbors on their property when it snowed. They have a big hill that was really good for sledding… until a tree fell down at the bottom.

Don’t think that that stopped us, though! Nope. We just put a ramp at the bottom of the hill right next to the tree stump, and we were ready to go.

No one ever died doing that, don’t worry. 🙂 We had fun, though we did get hurt. I remember making a train with everyone and the sleds. We’d ride down, crash at the bottom, groan and go ‘Let’s do it again!’ 😀

What are some of your favorite snowy, or just winter, memories?


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