“Share If-” Um, no.

I don’t like feeling pressured. People can ask me the simplest math problems, and I feel pressured so I don’t get the answer until ten minutes later. (Ok, the other person usually figures out the answer so I don’t actually know how long it would take me. Probably not long, but it seems like a long time.) Thankfully, it doesn’t really happen during tests.

When people say things like, “I bet most of you won’t share this”. Well, this is probably looking at it all wrong, but of course I’m not going to share it. Probably the only reason you did it, was because you would guilty if you didn’t.

Oh, or this one thing I saw one time it said something like re-pin unless you want your parents to die of cancer. Excuse me? You don’t have that power, nor does your little picture.

Of course, if it is silly like “Share if you like bacon” I might do it. 🙂 Because it is silly, and they aren’t threatening to curse me or my family if I don’t.

I guess I basically would like to share my opinion with out feeling forced or pressured. If you’re pro-life, it should be obvious, I shouldn’t have to say, “Share unless you wish you had killed your children”.

When people re-blog my blog posts, it isn’t because I said a witch would make them bald in two hours. Honestly, I’m not sure why people re-blog my blog, but it makes me happy. (Ok, I’m not even sure why non-family follow my blog…) 🙂

I’m going to believe what I believe, and if I don’t share something, it doesn’t mean I’m a heathen that probably practices witchcraft.

So… I’m not entirely sure WHY I don’t like people to tell me to ‘Share for such-n-such reason’ I just don’t….


Re-blog if you agree. JUST KIDDING. 😀

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