Yesterday was a good day.

Yesterday, I had a little adventure. 🙂

My sister Samantha had her birthday on Friday, and yesterday a group of friends, my sisters and I all went to celebrate. The plan was to go see the new Disney movie Frozen, go to Chic-fil-A and then Sweet Frog for frozen yogurt.

So we were sitting in the dark room watching the movie, the snowman was singing a song about all the things he wanted to do in the summer, when ALL OF A SUDDEN these screeching noises filled the room, and the movie went off.

At first I was trying to figure out what this had to do with the movie, then I thought maybe it was a fire drill, but I wasn’t sure if they did random fire drills at movie theaters…

I gathered my stuff and followed everyone out of the room and slowly followed them out of the building. Surprisingly, everyone was calm.

The scariest part– for me, at least– was I didn’t want to be separated completely from my group of people. (But since we took of two rows of seats because there were so many of us, I didn’t think it was very likely I’d lose everyone.)

Everyone gathered in the parking lot, still calm. IT WAS SO COLD OUT THERE!!!

Someone said, “This is were we become really good friends a cuddle,” because it was so cold.

A fire truck came with the sirens on, but just a few minutes later we were allowed to go back inside to start the movie. Frozen was very good, and we each got a free movie ticket because of the whole fire alarm thing. Well, we each got one movie ticket besides Samantha who got four because they miscounted the tickets. (They just gave us a stack– which they were supposed to have counted– instead of handing us each one.) They said that someone was just trying to be funny, with the whole alarm thingy.

So, after that we went to Chic-fil-A, which was mostly uneventful. Except, maybe for that part where I asked a girl behind the counter for one of each of their sauces…. I do believe her eyes got a little bigger… 🙂

Then we went to Sweet Frog where we filled up on frozen yogurt and toppings and ended the evening with some of us throwing chocolate at each other.

Yesterday was a good day. 😀

Do you have any interesting tales of times you went to see a movie?


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