“Dreams Do Come True”

The other day, my mom GOT HER BOOKS!!! 😀

Of course I wanted one, but she said she didn’t know what to write in it and I had to wait. When I did get my book, my mom had signed it and wrote a little something and said, “Dreams do come true”.

I dream a lot. Probably most of the time my imagination is running wild with one idea or another.

So, I started to think about it. “Dreams do come true? Well, I guess they do…” Her dream came true…

Dreams can come true, but it won’t happen like it does in Cinderella, where you think, “I wish such-and-such” then BOOM a fairy godmother is there granting your wish.

My mom didn’t just write Chapter One, and then think, “I wish this would just get published already.” (ok, maybe she did think that, but I assumed it happened a little later, at least at Chapter Two.) A fairy didn’t appear out of nowhere and hand her the book, the pages all edited, the cover all pretty, the bind all smooth.

Um, no. It took a while for it to actually happen.

Dreams can come true, but they take work. If you really want something, you should want it enough to work for it. When you get it, it’ll seem like a TRUE dream come true. 🙂

Have you ever had dream come true?


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