Snowy White

“It’s too early. I never eat December snowflakes. I always wait until January.” — Lucy from Charlie Brown

A LOT of people have the wrong idea about snow. Ok, maybe not a lot, but some.

When, in cartoons, it is snowing snowflakes the size of quarters (or bigger) and the people can catch them in there mouth– and CHEW!– and decide it needs salt or sugar… they are lying. (For one–unless you are strange and normally have salt or sugar with your water-that is just weird. Snow just tastes like water)

Another thing is, snow doesn’t usually fall down the size of quarters. Image the world being dusted with snow, that is more accurate. Sometimes, if it is coming down really thickly, and it is really wet, a lot of snow flakes with stick together to make is kind of look like giant snow flakes.

Also, in movies people can pick up a handful of snow and blow it and watch it fly away a pretty… it doesn’t work when the snow is wet. If it is a drier snow it might… (Great, now you are all confused about dry and wet snow…)

Plus, in movies, they never show after the snow. When the world is a muddy mess, or when you go to a parking lot and snow is piled up somewhere black.

I guess those are the unexciting parts of snow that people reality have to deal with…

So, my advice, if you want to experience snow, and are planning your vacation now, don’t only listen to cartoons. (don’t only listen to me either.)

Oh, and, even if you live somewhere it snows, doesn’t mean EVERY SINGLE CHRISTMAS will be white. Yeah…. sad truth…

Have a nice day!


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