Fruitcake, disgusting or delicious?

“The three most beautiful sounds in the world, breakfast is served, lunch is served, dinner is served.” — It’s A Wonderful Life (I may not have gotten the quote exactly right, but you get the picture)

Ok, so Christmas songs are out of hiding, and Christmas decorations as flashing, trees are smelling wonderful, cookies are tasting yummy (if you have any, we don’t right now…) and then there is fruitcake.

I don’t think I’ve ever had any fruitcake, but, trust me, I’ve heard things about it.

For example, one time when I was volunteering at a Renaissance Fair, we were playing a game to help us think fast. Where someone who name a category like ‘Worst Doctor’ and different people would act like a terrible doctor for a minute or two. (just enough for you to get the picture)

One of the categories someone named was Worst Dessert. Someone said, “Fudge covered okra.” Several minutes later someone said, “Fruitcake!”

The game ended then because everyone agreed you couldn’t think of a worse dessert then fruitcake.

So, do you like fruitcake? I hear all these things about how nobody likes fruitcake, but it must sell because I see it in the stores….

I think I only know two people who like it. Our next door neighbors love it.

I am going to leave you with this question: Fruitcake, disgusting or delicious?

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