Crocheting and Writing

The other night, while I was brushing my teeth to be exact, I was thinking about crocheting. I really like to crochet. I can do it while I am watching a movie, so it isn’t like I’m wasting time just watching something, but being useful too. 🙂

Then I started to think about how crocheting and writing aren’t all that different. When I first started crocheting, I wasn’t that good. My stiches were different sizes, and the edges weren’t very straight…. now I’m not saying that I am an expert now, but it is obvious that I am better than I was.

When I first started writing, I wasn’t very good at it. I didn’t do any paragraph indentations or any quotation marks. Not only do I not do that any more, but I try to… just write well. If there are two girls, not calling them both her, stuff like that.

I read about how to write well too, but I know that just having kept on writing helped me to improve a lot. Again, I’m not saying I am an expert (I was just mentally freaking out the other day about how little I actually know) but I have improved. (When you are at zero you can only improve or quit, right?)

Um… I had an idea of what I could say to wrap it all up and make it nice…. but I forgot in two nanoseconds so….

I started crocheting and writing because I wanted to. No one forced me too, and probably if they had I wouldn’t like it as much, and might’ve even quit given the chance. People may have discouraged me, but I kept at it because I loved it. If you are doing something that you love, (and it doesn’t go against the Bible, I always try to make sure I say that) then go for it, despite what others may say or think. Even if it is writing blog posts and then forgetting the ‘lesson’ or whatever you want to call it, halfway through. 🙂

Five things that I am thankful for….

1. Cookies!

2. cereal

3. nice people

4. I’m thankful my mom kept the goat from killing me yesterday. (the goat hates me for some honestly unknown reason.)

5. pillows

I hope you have a wonderful day!! 😀



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5 responses to “Crocheting and Writing

  1. Yes! People seem to like discouraging others from doing the things that they enjoy. I used to hide my hobbies because I felt embarrassed – I love to crochet and knit, and lots of people thought I was too young to like those things! Now I ignore the negative people, and I am having much more fun 🙂

  2. I can’t even remember how I got the idea to crochet, think it may have come from the fact I tried knitting and eyesight just not good enough for it, keep up the good work

    • Thanks! Sometimes I wonder if I ever went blind if I’d still.. be able to crochet… 😀

      • Im registered partially sighted and use a white cane, so if I can do it anyone can and I know of people who are completely blind and can still knit and crochet. Crocheting is easier for me as I can feel for the holes too.