My active imagination about going to the movies

I remember some time in the late summer, my oldest sister Samantha said that she was going to see the new Star Trek movie and I was going with her.

Nope, didn’t even ask. 😉

So. That evening I started watching the first Star Trek movie. I got about ten minutes into the movie (sorry for any spoilers) was thinking, “They can’t kill Thor in the first ten minutes!” Sadly, that was all I had time for the evening.

The only other time I had an opportunity to watch the rest was the afternoon before going to see the movie in theaters.

Even though not having seen the first movie until the day of seeing the second added some excitement and, “I gotta watch the movie!” thoughts going through my mind, I am glad it isn’t like that every time. (Especially when I went to see Iron Man 3, I would’ve had to watch 2 movie quickly…)

Anyways, soon I’ll be going to see Catching Fire. I would like to re-read Catching Fire and watch the first movie again (it’s probably just something nerdy about me) but since I have read the book and seen the movie before, I’m not quite as pressured.

Even though I still go to the movies, I still have an active imagination…. imagining a shooter in there, ever since the shooting that happened a while ago.

I don’t know, but whatever is happening in the movie, when the employee comes into the room to check the emergency exit door, I watch him carefully. Waiting for him to shoot us all. Or not. As I am still alive.

Ok, and now I am going to as a random question. Is the candy called Swedish Fish gross? I imagine it would be. It’s just… a candy named after fish? Um… thanks but I’ll take chocolate. Or peanut butter. Or a lot of different candy before I take fishy candy. (this isn’t a totally random question because movies and candy goes hand in hand.)

And the five things I am thankful for…. (9 days by the way! We are in the SINGLE DIGITS!!!!!)

1. being healthy! (or at least not being on my death bed….) 😉

2. lotion

3. Candy!

4. showers

5. shoes (and I’m not saying this in a girly “oh those shoes are adorable!” kind of voice. I’m saying it in a “I like my feet to be warm” voice. 🙂 )

What are you thankful for?


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