Not all homeschoolers are lazy…

I feel as if people tend to think that homeschoolers are lazy. Sometimes when I am asked what school I go to and I reply that I homeschooled, they’ll say something like, “Oh, you get to do school in your pajamas, cool!”

Ha. Ha. No.

I actually tend to be slightly insulted at that comment.

Before I continue, though, you should know there are two kinds of homeschoolers. People who do it for real, and the fake homeschoolers.

The fake homeschoolers are the ones who do wear their pajamas while doing school, and sleep late, and get all A’s because they cheat. (I’m not saying all homeschoolers who get all A’s cheat, but the fake ones do.) They are the lazy ones that everyone is envious of.

Then there are the real ones. (Like me.) Who get up at a certain time, and actually do school and work for their grades.

I get up around seven, but start school around eight. (My mom and I have to take care of our outside animals.) The time I finish up school and vary. Sometimes I get done earlier, and sometimes later.

People also tend to think that homeschoolers don’t know how to socialize. I think that is bologna. It is true I don’t have very many friends, but it is probably also very true that I don’t have as many bad influences.

I am thankful for being homeschooled for a number of reasons. I’ll name a few…. 1 I get to learn about things in Christian perspective. 2 I am closer to my family 3 I don’t have homework (I am so thankful that I don’t have to get home at almost four, still have homework, and chores…. how can you find time to do fun things then???)

Some homeschoolers are kind of like Amish too, though. (I obviously am not, or else this blog would not exist….) But they use inkwells, and wear skirts. And it isn’t wrong! I’m not trying to say that the way I homeschool is the best, but it is the way I do it, it is the way I’m being raised, so I suppose it is natural to like the sound of it best…

Anyways, the point is, not all homeschoolers are lazy. Even if we do work hard at our grades, we aren’t perfect. I’m sure I’ve made grammar or spelling errors in my blog. (I also don’t read over the post before I put it up either… which probably isn’t a good idea because just the other day I put up a post then later thought, “I put up that post? I hope it made sense….” πŸ™‚ )

So, next time you are introduced to a homeschooler, you shouldn’t say, “Oh, you get to wear your pajamas all day, jealous!” You better start talking with good grammar or else we’ll judge you. Or at least I will. πŸ˜€

Five things I’m thankful for….

1. Being homeschooled. (in case you didn’t gather that.)

2. dogs

3. fresh eggs

4. milk

5. cups



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  2. Do you live on a farm? I’m trying to take a Dairy Green Certificate. (a canadian program where you learn about farming, or how to do it) I’m homeschooled in Alberta. It sure is hard doing Social Studies online, not that I’m even good at it in the first place. Where do you live? My family’s in NY so I go there often and always see the Amish there and get milk and leather. It’s really beautiful there.

    • I do live on a small farm, with goats, chickens and some other animals. I live in the US. I hope your Dairy Green Certificate goes well! πŸ™‚

      • Thanks… now here’s my question. Cows have 4 udders but only one calf. Don’t goats only have 2 udders and have twins more often? Either way, cows have 3 extra udders. Lol.

      • Well, we’ve actually only had our goat have kids once, but she did have twins. My parents were also told that since our goat had triplets before she’ll never have less than two. Cows are bigger, though and would drink more. πŸ™‚

  3. Lydia

    I SO agree! I mean, everyone thinks that I’m so lucky, but I’m a lot like you! 😦