Well, I haven’t written in several days, so you may think that now I’ll have an Oh-so-amazing post to make up for it. Nope…

Last year, around this time, I went to Disney World with my Mom and my oldest sister Samantha.

Maybe I should explain something before I continue with this whole Disney World story… See, Samantha is older than me, but when it comes to Disney (or anything not serious, but especially Disney) she acts three years old. She gets SO SUPER EXCITED about Disney. (my all capital letters doesn’t begin to let you understand it.) I was excited, but not nearly as excited as Samantha.

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way…

We stayed at a Disney hotel for two nights. On the first morning we went to get breakfast and as we were standing, looking at the menus someone wearing one of the employ uniforms. “Can you guys help me?” He asked.

Samantha was immediately all, “YES!” with a giant smile πŸ˜€

While I was about to look at him suspiciously and ask what he wanted help with… but, you know, it’s just the mental age difference. (besides the fact that I thought he was probably going to lock us in a room and kill us with poisonous gas…)

He held up a sign. “On the count of three we are going to shout this on the top of our lungs over there,” he pointed to some people behind a counter a little ways away.

The sign read French Toast complete with a picture.

Like that isn’t weird….

So on the count of three all four of us yelled, “FRENCH TOAST!!!”

The people behind the counter yelled something back, but we couldn’t understand them….

Even though it was kind of weird and random, it was fun.

We had a good adventure that day, and– guess what!– no matter who we saw, NO ONE killled us! Fancy that! (What kind of person goes to Disney with the fear of being killed? I mean, besides me? It is just weird…)

I hope you enjoyed this…. interesting tale of how random Disney can be.

Do you have any interest Disney stories?


Five things that I am thankful for….

1. Disney (it seemed to fit the post…)

2. Music

3. Potatoes (Don’t judge. They’re yummy. πŸ™‚ )

4. sleep

5. windows

What are some things you are thankful for? πŸ™‚


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