People Are Different

I have seen blogs or websites that say teens writing sucks. (It made me think, “Well, gee, thanks.” but also, “But what do you know? You’ve never read anything I’ve written”, sorry, getting ahead!) I’ve also seen websites or blogs that say teens are talented.

You know what though? You can’t categorize it like that, sorry to burst your bubble.

It’s just like saying all women musicians are bad.

People are SO different and their talents (or lack thereof) are going to be similar.

Just because I’m a teenager and I write doesn’t necessarily mean I write badly. (Which, just in case you’re curious, I LOVE learning about how to write better, so my writing shouldn’t be the complete worst out there. 🙂 )

I can get kind of tired of people putting me in a category, good or bad, I am my own person with likes and dislikes and talents and things that I’m bad at.

SO, just because someone is old, doesn’t mean they a useless, and just because someone is young doesn’t mean they’re hopeless. (and just because you’re in between, doesn’t mean you’re perfect… 🙂 )

Okay, I guess I’m done ranting now. 😀 Have a good rest of the day!


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