If you have a fear of spiders, you might not wish to continue :)

There are many rules in life. Sometimes, the rules are in place for you, and sometimes you put the rules in place.

I have decided that I could never live with anyone who had a pet spider. It doesn’t matter how big, or small, fat or thin, and how ‘friendly’ (Is there a such thing as a friendly spider???) it is. If I am in the house, the spider has to go.

I could just see it now. Thirty years from now, I’d be married with kids and SOMEHOW they’d convince me to let them get a pet spider.

“As long as you take care of it, I NEVER have to see it and do ANYTHING for it,” I’d stress. They’d agree. Then I’d come home day from the grocery store and my eldest would come over to me hesitantly.


“Yes?” I’d reply.

“Bob the spider got out and we can’t find him-” and they’d never see or hear from me again.

If my little story didn’t make it completely clear…. I HATE SPIDERS. They’re just so big, and hairy, and ugly!

I’d much prefer cats. (cat’s who kill spiders are even better!!)

I don’t like snakes either, but now that I think about it, I’d MUCH MUCH rather have a little harmless snake (well contained, of course) in the house then a spider.

Assuming I didn’t run away after my children confessed the great tragedy of the spider getting out, I could see myself cooking dinner. I’d be nervously looking over my shoulder, and humming as I try to distract myself from my disturbing the-spider-is-loose thoughts….and then I’d hear it.

The eerie sound. The terrible noise. The noise of the spider walking along the wall.

My hand would tighten on my spoon, my breath would come in little gasps as I slowly turn and look over my shoulder.

The spider would be sitting on the wall, contemplating the best way to kill me. I would scream and die of fright. — The End

Well, now that I’ve finished telling my oh-s0-lovely story of giant spiders, I’m leaving! Let me know if this gives you any spider nightmares– I’ll sympathize!

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