For literature in school, I have recently been reading several poems. I like poems when they make sense and they rhyme. (If they don’t rhyme, I don’t understand why they are considered a poem, not a short story.) In a nit shell, if they don’t make sense, I consider it torture.

I had to read at least part of the poem Evangeline last year, I think it was. WORST. POEM. EVER. It didn’t rhyme, it didn’t make sense, and at the end anyone who mattered was dead basically!

Yesterday, my mom was asking me questions about poems. We got to one and she asked what it was about. It just sounded like a lonely, maybe depressed, pine tree, but she told me it was about contentment. Ok, then. 🙂

My favorite that happens is when she asks a question about a poem and someone being dead/dying. Then I kind of look at her with big eyes. O.O    and think, Wow, how did I miss that?!

Some poems are nice, and coherent. I like Robert Frost for one. 🙂

What are some of your favorite poems or poets?



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4 responses to “Poems

  1. captainwafflez

    Seamus Heaney, Frederico Lorca, Sylvia Plath… Most of my favourites don’t tend to write much in the way of rhyming poetry.

    Poetry is about the sound it makes. That’s where non-rhyming poetry has its strength.

    Do you have a favourite poet/poem?