People are kind of weird…. Sometimes you laugh at them, sometimes you think they are dumb, and sometimes they just leave you all confused. One thing I don’t get, and I believe we’ve all pretty much been here, is when you are a the store and you are minding your own business and then someone walks by. Maybe you’d smile and say ‘hello’ and they say, “How are you?” as they continue walking away.

Um…Fine? You?….

They don’t care and you know they don’t care, and, frankly, you probably don’t care that they don’t care. So why ask? That confuses me… 🙂

Anyways, it is almost November and that means, for Americans, it is almost THANKSGIVING!


There is a fall picture for you, isn’t it pretty? 🙂

Well, I do have plans for my blog for the next couple of months, small ones, but at least I have something.

For November, I am going to name five things, with each post, that I am thankful for, and in December, I am going to have a Christmas quote, from songs, books, movies….anything. I open to suggestions too!

What are some of the exciting things you are looking forward to this holiday season??


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