Surprise kittens…

Yesterday I was in my room and I heard my sister get home and come up the stairs. I heard her ask our mom, “What would you say if I told you I brought home some kittens?” 🙂

Well, my mom wasn’t mad… and the kittens are SO cute!

They have long hair, and tiny meows and adorable little purrs. (I’m a cat person, could you tell?)

When my sister was leaving work someone was there trying to get rid of the two kittens, but the Humane Society (where she works) did take them, so he offered them to my sister.

She gave them a bath in Dawn to kill the fleas, and gave them heart worm medicine, so hopefully before to long they’ll be all healthy. 🙂

My sister Kristin is really an animal person, she works at a vets office and the human society, and she likes playing with our animals. She is just an all around animal person, I guess.

I like animals, but… I can get grossed out easily if dogs slobber to much, or get annoyed if they have an annoying bark. (I guess that’s why I like cats, MOST are quiet and, of course, do bark. :))

I hope everyone has a great weekend!! 😀


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