Stepping Out Of Your Comfort

If you knew my ten years ago, (about) and didn’t see me again until today, you may be surprised how I’ve changed.

I used to be SUPER shy! I didn’t even like it when people asked me what my name was. I remember one time I was in a Sunday school class, the teacher– who, I’m sure was really nice and not a killer like I as probably thinking– asked what my name was, and I answered and a barely whisper. When he asked me–kindly!– to repeat it, I started to cry. (Haha, it is amusing me to remember this…:))

Well, earlier this year I volunteered at a Renaissance Fair. That in and of it’s self would have killed me several years ago, besides the fact that I had to AUDITION!

For the audition, I memorized a poem, and do I have to tell you I was nervous?
I woke up that morning, not nervous at all. I remember thinking, “I probably won’t be nervous until I actually stand in front of the judges.” Haha…

It got time to go and all of a sudden I was nervous. (We still had over an hour to drive and pick up our friends before we even GOT to the place to audition…)

When we got to the library were the auditions were being held, I had to fill out a an application– I guess so that could know a tiny bit about me before they met me….– and I went back first.

A lady told me I could go back. (The actually auditions were on a stage–the curtains were pulled– and there were to people who would be the judges.) The lady was really nice, though, and gave me a hug.

So I went backstage, really nervous. The judges were sitting behind a table, and they had a seat for me to sit in. (they said I didn’t have to sit, but I wanted to stay busy and not just stand there shaking like a leaf in a tornado.) I sat down and one of them asked, “On a scale one to ten how nervous are you?”

I think my first thought was, fifteen! But before I answered he clarified.

“How close are you to running out the door?”

I thought about it for a minute, and said a seven or eight. The judges nodded to each other and agreed on a nine.

For the audition, I recited a poem, and we did this thing were they said they needed a super hero and a villain, and I was supposed to audition. (I had to come up with something quickly, was the point.)

At the end, I got in and volunteered at the fair.

The point is, I had SO MUCH fun with the auditions, and I know if I hadn’t been nervous I would have enjoyed it even more. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be fun, and, probably, even good for you, sometimes. 🙂

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