There is a correct way to say my name.

Lots of people mispronounce my name. I think it looks pretty simple, and it sounds the way it looks pretty much.

Naomi. It sounds like Nay-oh-me. Yup, simple! 😀

Surprisingly not so simple for a LOT of people. For some reason they think it is, Ny-oh-me. *face palm*

It usually doesn’t annoy me, honestly. The other day though, I was at he eye doctor with my mom and both the doctor and the receptionist said it wrong. But when I was at Chic-fil-A on Saturday, they always ask, “And can I have a name with that order?” and I am almost 100% sure they ALWAYS say it right. (I remember because it impressed me….)

When I read books (not counting the Bible) and I see my name I get excited, but then I always think, “Or did the writer mean for it to be read Ny-oh-me? Not the correct way any awesome person would mean it Nay-oh-me?”

I like that my name is unique. I think I’ve only met one or two people with the same name as me, and guess what! They said it correctly! I haven’t met a person yet whose name you say Ny-oh-me.

And, I don’t mean to have a big head or anything, but I think I have always felt that it sounds better if you say is Nay-oh-me instead of Ny-oh-me…. 🙂

I remember one time talking on the phone to my pen-pal and correcting her when she said my name wrong. “Well, actually my name is Naomi….”

So, now if you ever tell you friend, “So there is this AMAZING blog called naomiandbooks and-” you can make sure you say it Nay-oh-me. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this educational post!

And then I was once called P-nomi, but she was, like, two, so…. she couldn’t read or sound it out. 🙂


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