Bug Incidents 1&2

Guess what! I actually know what I want to talk about today! Bugs. Yup, bugs.

Last night, I went in the bathroom and there was a long bug in the bathtub. I, of course, was kind of grossed out, but I though, No big deal, I’ll just wash it down the drain. Right? Wrong. That bug had a 300% will to live. I mean, I was dumping water on it, and dumping water on it. It would go down the drain and come back up.

(I had been filling up a bowl from the sink and dumping the water on it, because I didn’t know if the faucet would wake up my parents.) I figured, though, that if I didn’t get rid of that bug, it would grow, come to me in the night and kill me, so I had to get rid of it.

I continue to try to get it down the drain. At one point as it tried to climb out I closed the drain, hoping that it would be squished and be dead. Nope.

I turn on the faucet and I let it run for a little while. I turn it off, and, satisfied that it is gone, proceed to brush my teeth.

While brushing my teeth, I start to think, What if it came back up the drain again? I know that it couldn’t have though, I dumped ran enough water on it to wash it away.

I look in the bathtub and, THERE IT IS!

I finally just wash it down the drain and quickly close. Satisfied I stood up, thinking for sure I had to be safe. Then I started to think, What if all the drains are connect and it climbs out the sink drain?

Well, I go into my room and decide to put the fan in the window since it is like 9,000 degrees and it’s October. (ok, maybe the 80’s….) THERE IS A STINK BUG ON MY SCREEN!

Apparently all the bugs were uniting against me. I got it out and climbed into bed. Several minutes later, I notice my door is open more then I had thought I left it.

I told you the bug would grow and come and get me. I thought. I assume it was the cat. Unless it was a bug and it went under my bed and plans to get me while I am surprised….

Well, this story isn’t the only ‘bug incident’ I’ve ever had…

One time while I was home alone, I was in the kitchen ride beside the sink, I look down and there is a ugly bug! So I get the spray and start spraying it, thinking, I’m just going to spray it until it dies!!! Then I was thinking, since I knew that I didn’t have to, I wouldn’t. I put the spray away, came back and the bug was still alive!

I pick up the sink nozzle and start to spray it. I stop spraying it and it is STILL ALIVE. (Apparently I am bad at killing bugs.) Then I looked at it, and it is all withering in pain. I think, Aw, it’s suffering!

Then I remembered I was trying to kill it in the first place, so…..

I picked up the little drain strainer and start walking towards the door, chanting, Live, live! In my mind.

It died.

Hopefully this amused you! (and hopefully I won’t die in the middle of the night eaten by a giant bug…)

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