Yesterday I was thinking about my story. I just finished writing it not to long ago, and now I am on the second round of edits/rewrites whatever you want to call them.

Well, do I have to tell you, I pretty much hate that story? Like, a lot? 🙂 I’m very tired of it, and I kind of have this feeling that it is missing something very big, but I don’t know what.

Then I got this LOVELY thought. What if I just put it away for a while, take a break and open it a long time from now? (I really liked this idea, if only because it meant I didn’t have to do anything with it right now, unless I want to finish the second round of edits…:P)

So, last night I was planning another story that I have an idea for… it is fun so far! 🙂

I suppose I should go do my chores now. Yes, I was sacrificing SO much to write this blog post…. chores, editing my story :(, editing a chapter of my friends story, reading….. Haha:)


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October 1, 2013 · 5:42 pm

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