Exploding Kitchens

I have a very active imagination. Which, I suppose, is really good since I want to be a writer… but it can definitely make my life more interesting…

For example, one time, I was leaving the kitchen after having eaten a snack. I told my mom thank you and left. Then I paused on the stairs.

I didn’t tell her that I love her, I thought. That’s ok, though, because I told her earlier.  Then I started to think, What if the kitchen explodes and she dies and I didn’t tell her that I loved her the last time I could have?

(This is a true story, by the way.)

Well, I figured that the chances of the kitchen exploding and killing my mom were slim, so I didn’t go back. Guess what? The kitchen did NOT explode! 🙂

This is just one case where my imagination was very active, there are many more! 🙂

Do you have an active imagination?


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