So, I am sitting here, at my desk, racking my brain. I am trying to find something to talk about. My life isn’t that boring right? Ok, ok, maybe it is… haha!

Well, the trees are changing fairly quickly now. The other day I was super cold, and then later that same day I was outside and it was warm. I remember thinking, I’m so glad fall is here. Yet earlier I had been freezing to death so…..

I had an interesting dream the other night. I dreamt that one of my favorite authors was trying to hit me with a car and break my legs and paralyze me or something… then in my next dream (or later that same one) I met her and she was really, really super nice.

So, last night I watched the first real western I remember seeing. (I mean, I’ve seen parts of Bonanza when we are at the gym, but since I don’t usually pay attention and they only last about thirty minutes, I don’t think they count…) It was called ‘Fist Full Of Dollars’. I liked it. 🙂

It had several parts that were amusing, or that actually made me laugh, like, “It’s dynamite” or “My mistake, four coffins”. 🙂

OH! Good news! I am now apart of bookcrash! I have to go request a book sometime.

I am kind of looking forward to being able to write my own opinions of books. (though I did read somewhere that you are supposed to act like you are talking to the author, be polite… bummer… haha, just kidding!)

I guess this blog post was pointless, but maybe this week I’ll think of something really good to talk about…. any suggestions? 🙂


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September 29, 2013 · 10:00 pm

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