I think I always look forward to the change of seasons. In fall the leaves start to change color and the it starts to get cooler… I start drinking tea and thinking about the holidays… winter comes and I hope for snow (simultaneously hoping that we won’t lose power for a week or more… or at all, but that isn’t likely if we get snow…) In the spring I get happy because it is starting to warm up, plants are starting to bud, and that means summer is right around the corner! When summer starts I start to (at least mentally) complain about how it is warm, go swimming and to think about cook outs, and the coming winter and fall holidays….

I told my mom before that I was glad that we never got used to the seasons changing. In the winter, when you look at pictures of the summer, and you see the trees all lush and pretty…. it can be hard to believe it was like that when you look out the window and see a lot of big, empty sticks. 🙂

Like I stated, I get tired of some seasons, and I think pretty much, always look forward to the new season. 🙂

Thanksgiving is just around the bend….. YAY!

 Maybe this year I will actually make caramel apples! That would be YUMMY!

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